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Stefani Living Co brings heaven to earth, light to darkness, and beauty from ashes. Join our community. Live Gloriously.

The world is dark. We'll help you fill your home with light.

Step into our studio workshop and art gallery. Experience spectacular, take-your-breath-away art.

We create modern and historic paintings and photography. Natural, radiant art filled with love and warmth. Inspired art for your life, hand-crafted right here in our studio in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley.

The Richard Stefani Memorial Collection

Richard's Last Prints

Every print in this collection is more than just a photograph. It's a story. A moment. A feeling. Cherish these works of art that immortalize the enchanting charm of Eastern Oregon and bear the last creative impressions of the master himself.

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Stefani Fine Art is where the visionary artistry of Christina and Richard Stefani comes to life. Our genuine commitment to producing high-quality art is evident in every piece we create.

Christina Stefani, painter, smiling, wearing a black shirt and pearl necklace, standing in front of an antique tile mosaic. Stefani Fine Art Salem Oregon online art gallery

Christina Stefani

Oil Painter | Photographer | Designer
Richard's wife
Art About
Master photographer Richard Stefani, smiling, standing by a tripod at Dead Horse Point, Utah, at sunrise, wearing a Jeep hat and holding a cup of coffee. Stefani Fine Art online Salem Oregon art gallery | originals, art prints, photography

Richard Stefani

Dynamic Master Photographer
In memoriam (1933-2022)
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