How to Buy Art for Your Home: Why Buying Real Art From Real People Is Best

by Christina Stefani


Your beautiful home deserves artwork that is original, fresh, and speaks to your soul. Just as the right set of earrings adds a finishing touch to an outfit, finding the right picture for your walls will complete your vision for the interior of each room. Knowing how to buy art from an artist is a great way of soaking your space in pure inspiration. If you've been wondering how to buy art for your home, dive straight into some artist-inspired tips that will help you pick out the perfect pieces. 

Living Room Wall Art Ideas

Buying wall art for your living room can feel intimidating as it's the one room in a home that gets used the most. The art that you choose will influence the mood of the space, and provide a talking point for your guests. Don't be scared to experiment and try different looks until you find the one that makes your heart sing.  Here are some different approaches to using art in your living room:

The Single Statement Piece

You might choose to invest in one large picture to be the focal point of your living room design. This is a simple, breath-taking approach that is uncluttered, minimalistic, while still being visually appealing. Pick an image that reflects the intensity of the space, whether your room leans towards a softer feel, or something more dramatic.

A Gallery Of Images

Arrange a selection of related images across the open wall. You can opt for artwork that consists of a single image spread across different canvasses, or different images with similar coloring, and mood for cohesion. Displaying several smaller artworks allows you the flexibility to rearrange them in a way that fits the space best.

Abstract or Reality? 

Decide whether you'd like something abstract that can be open to interpretation, or an artistic rendition of reality. Abstract images stimulate creativity and imagination. They make good conversation starters as there is no right or wrong way to interpret the meanings of the image.

Artwork based on reality has a relaxing effect that has been known to help the viewer to destress. Looking at a painting or photograph of something you love, such as butterflies, can evoke a physiological response in your body, sometimes even triggering the release of dopamine.

How To Choose Artwork for Your Home

Artwork is the final element that brings all the different aspects of your interior vision together. How do you choose between all the options? Here are some simple guidelines to help you narrow down your choices. 

Look For Artwork That Moves You

Inspired works of art have a wonderful way of bypassing logic to touch your heart and spirit. When you're looking for a piece to invest in, find something that moves you emotionally. There's more to art than just filling up an empty wall. You want to surround yourself with pieces that inspire you, and fill you with hope.

Colors and Textures 

A practical way of art shopping is to consider the decor of the room and allow the colors and textures of the space to guide your choice of artwork. If you're redesigning a room from scratch, you can start by choosing your artwork first, and allowing the colors and textures to influence how you decorate the rest of the room. 

Wall Space

When choosing artwork for your home, start by measuring the size of your available wall space. This can rule out paintings that are both too big, and those that are too small. Look for a piece of artwork in a size that creates a balance with the rest of your room. An oversized painting in a small space can be overpowering, while a small painting on a large stretch of an open wall may look lost.

Themes and Topics

What do you love? Do light-filled sunrise landscapes make your heart beat faster? Do you love the ocean, flowers, or rolling green landscapes? Maybe you want a piece that portrays your idea of freedom, or joy. Finding pieces that resonate with you will allow you to get the most benefit from your investment.  

Why Buy Authentic Art?

While it's easy to pick up a commercially manufactured print, or a mass-produced image, investing in hand-created art from a live artist has distinct advantages that are worth considering.

Connect With the Artist

Buying from a living artist means you'll be getting a creation that is truly one-of-a-kind, straight from the hand of the artist. Each image is faithfully reproduced with the human touch, not slapped out on a commercial printing press. By buying from the artist, you'll own something that came from straight from their heart, something they spent time on, pondered over, and created for your enjoyment.

Become a Patron of the Arts

As grand as that sounds, by buying art from a living artist, you become a patron of the arts. Looking for, and buying original art for sale makes it possible for an artist to continue following the calling that they were created for. Your support offers them the space to hone their craft and continue producing original works of increasingly refined technique.

Relevance and Resonance

Living artists produce works that capture the essence of the times we live in. Their artwork is relevant and speaks to 'now'. As you continue to seek out artists that you love, you will find those whose work resonates with you deeply. As they are still around and producing fine art, you can simply keep adding to your collection.

How to Buy Art for Your Home

Nothing beats strolling through a gallery and seeing pieces right in front of you, but that's not always possible. Thankfully, it's no longer the only option of how to buy art for your home. When it comes to filling your home with beautiful things, the internet is your friend.

Browsing collections, confirming dimensions, and prices are all easy to do online. Best of all, here at Stefani Fine Art, we offer an Art Collector Guarantee that makes shopping for art online safe and simple.

If you're looking for artwork to fill your space with light and radiant hope, browse our Christina and Richard Stefani collections and choose your new favorites today.